Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shah Rukh Khan starts training to make his daughter to be sporting in nature

It is known to all that King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, is a devoted father to his children: Suhana and Aryan. But hardly anyone knows the secret that he has started training to his daughter and her friends to be strong and sporting in nature to win the battle of life in future.

Shah Rukh Khan has gained more experiences in his own life and that is why he wants his daughter to be as solid as rock to survive the attack of future in the world when she would start going out and face the world on her own. To face bear and grin with stoicism, rare mental strength is needed.

To be familiar with defeats and some odd situations that we face in our everyday life, being sporting in nature is important. However, his influential movie, Chak De! India, can help the girls to have the same stamina and power. His comments as a coach in this film will inspire the girl to be like sporting in nature.

However, Chak De! India was a film, but Shah Rukh Khan wants his daughter Suhana and her friends to assume the same in real. He wants to mix together his training sessions with jocks and stories.

It will be the matter of great joy that girls will get Shah Rukh Khan who is the busiest actor in Bollywood now.

Though, Suhana is too young to think about the film or any other alternate career, SRK wants her to be strong and sports in nature. It will help them in any field to take her decision in any situation.

SRK is now busy with his upcoming sci-fi movie, Ra 1. He will play the role of superhero in this film. He will wear a special costume for superhero part. His superhero dress has been designed by American designer. Another superstar in this film is Kareena Kapoor. She will play the role of SRK’s wife. She will be seen wearing jeans. She will be the mother of an eight-year-old son in the flick.

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