Thursday, May 13, 2010

Barkha Bisht is the new item girl in Bollywood

Famous TV actress, Barkha Bisht, is going to be the new item girl in Bollywood after making her appearance in Prakash Jha's upcoming Hindi movie, Raajneeti, which will be released next month this year. In this film, she will be seen dancing in a sizzling item number one.

It is needless to introduce her as she is already an established television actress who plays Dhani/Devi Bhairavi in the Star Plus serial, Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai. However, she got fame after playing Anupama and Tia in Doli Saja Ke.

Now, the thirty-year-old married actress is ready for the big screen. In an interview with an Indian daily, she said that director of Raajneeti film, Prakash Jha, had taped her for the role thanks to her ability to dance and emote equally well.

Barkha Bisht found no problem to do item dance despite being married. The only reason is that she has performed in a classy dance and it was not an obscene scene.

She is keen to become a Bollywood actress. She chose to make her debut as a dancer in a big film because she feels that it is better than starring in a film that nobody watches.

No doubt, Raajneeti will give her big success in the silver screen and Barkha Bisht will pursue it to make it much bigger.

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