Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Critics said: Kites will bring Bollywood to Hollywood

Hrithik Roshan and Barbari Mori starrer Kites has become the much anticipated film of this year. It is going to be released on 21st May 2010. However, the English version of Kites will be released one week later (28th May 2010). Perhaps Kites is going to be the first Hindi film that will represent India in Hollywood. This upcoming film has been described by some critics as bringing Bollywood to Hollywood. But the question is at what cost it will be brought to the West.

Kites has been modified for the West to create a big appeal to a wider audience. In this version, dance and song scenes will be cut and replaced with some steamy scenes. However, it is also 40 minutes shorter than the Indian version of the movie.

Hollywood filmmaker, Brett Ratner, has edited the English version.

Hrithik Roshan said that the tale of this film makes it a global blockbuster. Kites tells the love story about two people who fall in love despite not knowing a common language.

Anurag Basu is the director of this film. He is considered one of the forward-thinking filmmakers to emerge from India. He is also said to be fearless in his vision of breaking the conventions associated with Indian filmmaking.

Let’s see if it hits the box office.

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