Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will Angelina Jolie adopt ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ actor Azharuddin Mohammed?

Actress Angelina Jolie is going to adopt another child. Already she and her husband Brad Pitt have 6 children. Recently, Azharuddin Mohammed, the child star of Slumdog Millionaire, went to Los Angeles to attend the Oscar ceremony and there she met actress Angelina Jolie. Azharuddin asked Angelina whether she would adopt any child from India and Angelina Jolie replied that they are going to adopt a child very soon. Angelina Jolie met Azharuddin and Rubina, at the back stage in Los Angeles. Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Oscars and created a big buzz around the world. The movie gave the audience a peek into India’s poverty. Angelina Jolie was very much impressed with Azharuddin Mohammed and Rubina and talked freely with them. The 33-year-old actress already have three adopted kids and three kids of her own. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt barely get some time to spend together because they always remain busy in taking care of their children. Moreover, their busy schedule started taking tolls on their relationship. Few days ago, news came out that Angelina Jolie had a serious argument with Brad Pitt after she returned home from shooting. Everywhere news is out that the couple is going through a rough patch. At such a critical stage, I do not think it would be a very wise move on the part of Angelina Jolie to adopt another child.

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