Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rani Mukherjee Appeared with her New Slim, Toned up Physique

Rani Mukherjee is considered to be one of the most talented actresses of Bollywood at this moment and she is one of those few actresses in Bollywood who shot to fame with her acting talent, not with her glamour. However, Rani Mukherjee could not churn out any big hit over the last two years and she maintained a very low profile lately.

Recently, Rani Mukherjee has appeared with her new look at a launching event of a new spa in suburban Mumbai. There were many who were surprised to see Rani Mukherjee with her slim and toned up physique. Rani Mukherjee has lost weight for her upcoming movie Cricket where she will seen as a sportsperson and that is the reason behind her toned up body in order to fit the role physically. Rani was trained under Satyajit Chourasia, the personal trainer of Aamir Khan and he is person who presented the Gajini look of Aamir Khan. Chourasia has reveled that the actress went through extensive exercise including weight lifting, floor exercise as well as free hand exercise besides doing yoga and balanced diet.

Well, for a professional actor, it is really required to fit the character they are playing in a movie. For the sake of the character, professional actors sometimes need to look skinny or sometimes hunky. Rani Mukherjee is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in the Bollywood tinsel town. However, it is also true that Rani’s main strength is not her glamour; rather it is her immense acting talent and expression that helped her to reach where she is today. Now that she has lost her weight, along with her acting talent, her new look could present another classic performance in the movie Cricket.

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