Friday, April 17, 2009

Katrina Kaif on the Iconic Status of Salman Khan

Katrina Kaif has recent said that Salman Khan, Katrina’s off-screen love bird, will always remain an iconic figure among Bollywood fans; no matter, whether his films work well or not in the box office. Well, Katrina Kaif is currently enjoying her best time of her career, while Salman Khan’s career is deemed to be going down as the superstar could not churn out any big hit over the last couple of years. Still, Katrina Kaif believes that Salman Khan has an iconic status in the industry and his status will not be affected.

When Katrina Kaif came to bollywood industry, Salman Khan was a mega star and he helped young Katrina Kaif to launch her bollywood career. Now, Salman Khan’s career is fading away, while Katrina Kaif is at the top of her career and she is now one of the top most sought-after actresses in the bollywood industry following her series of successes over the last couple of years.

Meanwhile, the rumor mills of Bollywood tinsel town suggest that Salman and Katrina have been parted away. However, Katrina Kaif’s recent comment on Salman Khan proves that they are still in good terms and maintaining their relationship well.

Well, I also personally believe that Salman Khan’s iconic status will never be affected because the star has a large number of loyal fans to whom he will always remain the young lovely boy with full of talent.

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