Friday, May 16, 2008

Pakistan Film Industry Claiming Ban on ‘Jannat’

Bollywood movie Jannat has seen a successful premier in Pakistan. However, Pakistani film industry is claiming to put a ban on the movie in Pakistan as it tells a story that is against Muslims and Pakistani cricketers. Here, it is noteworthy that Emraan Hashmi starrer Jannat depicts the life of a max fixer who is involved in fixing cricket matches to become rich quickly.

The Post reported:

They claim that this movie is against Muslims and Pakistani cricketers. Director Pervaiz Rana said he would soon approach the court against the release of Indian movie. He denounced those who released films like “Jannat” in Pakistan as Indian agents.

Besides Pervaiz Rana, some other personalities from Pakistani film industry have raised their voice against Jannat being released in Pakistan. They are also blaming those agents who are organizing the releases of Bollywood films in Pakistan. However, the good thing is that Bollywood movies are very popular in Pakistan and actor Emraan Hashmi has immense popularity among the movie buffs of Pakistan.

Well, it is not yet clear if the movie treats Pakistani cricketers badly. India’s cricket crazy fans are now in a cricket fever thanks to Indian Premier League (IPL) and the movie has been released today amid this cricket excitement. Now, Pakistan film industry is against Jannat. So, it seems that Jannat is going to face some strong challenges both in India and Pakistan.