Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cricketers are PROSTITUTES!

Before you get too excited about the title let me make it clear it is not what I meant. In Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming production Jannat Emraan Hashmi played the character of a match fixer who says in the film that there is no difference between prostitutes and cricketers; they are same. One India reports:

What's more, the censor board saw nothing objectionable on the world's poshest profession being compared with the oldest. Says a character in Jannat, "Dekhiye Sir. Cricketers aur prostitutes ke beech zyada farq nahin hota. Donon ki jawani khatm to kahani khatm."

In fact producer Mahesh Bhatt is supremely gung-ho about this latest eyebrow-raising tryst with controversy."Yes, those are the exact words in Jannat.

Cricket is THE MOST popular game in India. People are crazy about cricket and the cricketers are revered more or less like gods. Top cricketers make millions of Rupees from ad campaigns and various other activities. In such a country, comment like this could create lots of controversies but Bhatt is known for making films that deals with uncommon subjects. In Jannat, he sheds light on betting and match fixing in cricket . Jannat tells the story of an ambitious person who wants to make fast money and eventually takes the illegal path. In the process, he ends up becoming a match fixer.

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