Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jannat is not a Hollywood rip off

Mahesh Bhatt and Pritam have something in common; both of them are good in copying. The way, Pritam takes music from different songs, Mahesh Bhatt also takes his stories from different western movies. Mahesh Bhatt himself admitted that he is heavily influenced by Western films. Jannat is the next movie from Mahesh Bhatt's production.Before the shooting started, rumors spread out that Jannat was a rip off of Two for the Money. Upon hearing this, Emraan Hashmi, the lead actor of the movie was very surprised. reports:

"Which is this movie Two For The Money?” asks Emraan Hashmi. “Isn't it a film about a bookie and his mentor, and the conflicts they face in their business? Sorry to disappoint those who believe they have managed to crack the code, but Jannat in not even remotely similar to the Hollywood film."

"Jannat deals with a different aspect altogether. We have tried telling everyone, time and again, through the promos that the film is not just about bookies and betting. It is a story about a young couple—the guy is a go-getter and wants to give his girl everything she desires. For that he is even willing to take an illegal route."

This time, I also agree with Hashmi that Jannat is not a rip off of Two for the Money. I watched Two for the Money and true that it deals with the subject of betting but in a different manner. In USA, betting is legal and there are many companies that make money on gamblers. These companies hire specialists in particular games to make predictions who would win. Matthew McConaughey played such a character. It is totally different from what Jannat is all about.

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