Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bollywood Movie ‘Jannat’ vs IPL: Who Will Win?

In English, ‘Jannat’ means ‘Heaven’. In true sense, Indian cricket fans are now at their seventh heaven thanks to the exciting Indian Premier League (IPL) matches. Fans have found a new means of entertainment and IPL tournament has taken a heavy toll from Indian television program and movie industry. Many hit and highlighted television shows are losing viewers, while the evening and night shows of cinema halls are going without much fan presence. So, for the movie Jannat, due to get release tomorrow, is expected to face some challenges from IPL now. Much anticipated Yash Raj Films production ‘Tashan’ failed to do well expectedly, mainly because of IPL matches.

Glamsham reported:

Mahesh Bhatt, for the first time is having his take on the sport of cricket and he would have his own interpretation about the way the things operate in the cricketing world. Clashing with the peak time of IPL, the film would have to be really captivating to wean away the audience from the television sets, and this would be the real challenge that Mahesh Bhatt could be facing for the first time in his life. If the audience leaves IPL and goes for JANNAT then it would be 'Jannat’ for Bhatt, or else…

Jannat is a movie revolved around the story of a bookie who eventually gets involved in match fixing in Cricket. So, it has some links to cricket here too. Known as serial kisser, Emraan Hashmi plays the male lead role of the movie. Female lead role of Jannat features newcomer Sonal Chauhan, who won the 2005 Miss World Tourism title.

No doubt, Jannat has to distract the attraction of cricket crazy Indian fans from IPL to cinema halls, in order to have a successful opening. Here, comes the question- Jannat or IPL, which one is going to win the battle.