Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Will Kristen Stewart make her debut in Bollywood?

Who will come into Bollywood after Mexican beauty, Bárbara Mori? The latest buzz is surrounded by another beautiful girl, Kristen Stewart. She is reported to make her debut in B-town in Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur’s next film, Paani. It is also reported that she will act opposite Bollywood dance superstar Hrithik Roshan.

The reason of choosing Kristen Stewart was that Shekhar Kapur’s film, Paani, needed a tall, gorgeous and slim lady and everything fits the bill perfectly with Kristen. According to a source from Mumbai Mirrors, Shekhar decided to directly ask Kristen. And he did. It is also heard that she was very responsive and she has agreed to be part of the film.

However, nothing has been confirmed yet. So, it is nothing than a gossip. We have to wait for another days to be sure if Kristen Stewart will be star in Bollywood.

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