Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shakeela Marriage Photos: Where to find them?

Indian actress, Shakeela, created a big buzz in the media after announcing her marriage news but she did not talk details about the groom and kept it secret until she had got permission from the person. Recently, she has announced the name to the press whom she will tie knot in June 2010. The groom is Chennai based businessman, P G Sathish, with whom she has been engaged.

According to Shakeela, the engagement ceremony took place about a month ago but she didn’t confirm the wedding date. She just said that the wedding date will be announced soon. May be, fans will have to wait for few more moths to get the announcement of her wedding date. It is heard that this Chennai based industrialist is a long time of her. Shakeela and Sathish will tie knot on February 4 in Chennai with the permission of their parents. She will continue her acting career after her wedding.

We heard many probable names to be the groom of Shakeela. One source claimed that she would tie knot with a youngster who returned from the Gulf. Another source claimed that she would marry a person from the film industry who hails from Karnataka. However, everything proved false at the end.

I have searched on net but did not get her marriage photos. If I gets, I will publish it as soon as possible.