Saturday, April 17, 2010

Laila Mahmood: A new controversy in IPL 2010

Today is the day for Laila Mahmood and I hope that she will be one of the most important topics for few more days. She has been discussed by all press and TV media. This girl came along with IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi in a very negative way. It is suspected that she had removed some documents from Lalit Modi’s office. If it becomes true then she will be put under huge trouble. Because of this deed, she was questioned by income tax officials.

Recently, income tax officials went to Lalit Modi’s office and in CCTV footage, they found that a woman was going from Modi’s office. Later the woman was found out to be Laila Mahmood. When she came out from office with her she had a laptop and some papers and documents. It has not been clarified what type of documents she had removed from Lalit Modi’s office. However, Lalit Modi said that he was not in his office.

It is not sure whether Lalit Modi influenced the girl to do it or everything had happened in his absence. Who is the real villain?

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