Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Muslims Unhappy over Salman Khan’s Remark on Shahrukh Khan Ordeal in US

I guess that by this time, you all know about the ordeal Shahrukh Khan suffered in the US. He was stopped in the airport, kept waiting and was questioned. According to Indian media, it happened only because he was a Muslim from South Asia. After this matter happened, in India, many people felt outraged and even some high profile politicians reacted sharply. Salman Khan stated that it was a normal matter and many people who go to USA have to go through the same process. This remark from Salman Khan made some Muslim groups angry and they protested against him infront of his house.

Bollywoodmantra reported:

Ironically, they were the same Muslim groups that accused Shahrukh Khan of making an unparliamentary comment against the Prophet in the Time N Style magazine and issue a fatwa.

In India, Bollywod actors are like Demigod and as far as Salman Khan is concerned, he is always in the center of media attention both for his acting as well as for his personal life.