Saturday, June 27, 2009

British Actresses Turning to Bollywood

It seems a bit strange that British actresses and actors are now moving to Mumbai looking for a bright career in Bollywood. Reports have it in the media that there are now about 1000 British actors, actresses and dancers working in Bollywood. The biggest advantage of the British actresses in Bollywood is their white-screen which is considered as a requirement to be beauty among the Bollywood fans.

Moreover, the British actresses do not face any cultural binding in showing body on the screen, and thus, getting ahead of India’s conservative actresses. Naturally, the competition is much more less for the British actresses like Hazel in Bollywood than it si in Britain. Payment structure for the British actresses with white-screen is pretty much attractive. An actress hailing from Britain can earn £1,000 a day working in a Bollywood movie. Mumbai is much-more comfortable than London when it comes to everyday-life expenses.

So, the trend of moving to Bollywood is increasing among the British models and actresses now. I think, these migrated actresses are becoming a threat for the local actresses in Bollywood. Well, it is for sure that British actresses can not replace the front line actresses, but the supporting actresses and dancers of Bollywood have a lot to worry about these British actresses who are increasing in number day by day.

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