Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Salman Khan Wants to Patch up with Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood was divided into two parts when two of its super stars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan had a bitter clash last year at the birthday party of Katrina Kaif, the love-bird of Salman. Now, there are many indications that the cold war between the two stars could melt down very soon with Salman becoming interested to work with Shah Rukh on the screen again.

Moreover, there are a number of rumors available in the media suggesting a split up between Salman and Katrina. Bollywood rumor mills also indicate that Katrina might not invite Shah Rukh in her upcoming birthday party. This might have prompted Salman to come under a compromise with Shah Rukh because Katrina is most likely to invite Shah Rukh Khan at his birthday party. No doubt, she is currently at the peak of her career and she would not like to involve in a clash with a powerful man like Shah Rukh Khan who besides acting is now producing movies from his home production Red Chillies Entertainment.

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