Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kangna Ranaut has No Respect for Commercial Bollywood Cinema

Kangna Ranaut is better known for her movies like ‘Gangster,’ ‘Woh Lamhe’ and ‘Life In A Metro.’ In all the movies, Kangna was seen portraying characters that are involved in complexities of life. Besides, there are many who thought all of those movie fall under the hardcore Bollywood films, but Kangna has always denied it. Recently, she created a splash in the media commenting harshly on commercial Bollywood cinema. She said that she had no respect for the commercial Bollywood films.

Screenindia reported:

While working in aforementioned films, didn't she feel like being a part of a hardcore Bollywood commercial film to at least stay in the reckoning during her relatively leaner period?

"Everybody asks me this. But I never felt like being a part of a hardcore Bollywood commercial film because I have no respect for such cinema", Kangna makes a shocking confession.

She continues, "It is like an immortal work of art. For me my movies are my heart-beat. I cannot do a stupid film in which people laugh while they are watching it. So I have to be very careful".

Well, then the question comes whether ‘Gangster,’ ‘Woh Lamhe’ and ‘Life In A Metro’ were commercial movie or not. Kangna Ranaut might better answer this question. She says that hardcore cinemas hurt her emotionally. Kangna Ranaut hopes that her upcoming film “Fashion” will do very well in the box office. She claimed that movie would bring a change in the mindset of the people about the fashion world.


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