Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Vogue Cover

Actually, the title should be Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India Cover. You know that Vogue has started its Indian edition sometimes back. It has attracted a decent number of people who are intersted about fashion and celebrety. I am not one of them and I care for very little about Vogue or anyone who is in Vogue cover. However, many people are crazy for this matter and being in the cover of Vogue is a very attractive thing for any actress anywhere in the world. Being in the cover page of Vogue will give an actress a lot of publicity which they even can not even dream of. Of course, Aishwarya Rai does not need more publicity. She is already famous and popular. So, I think, it is Vogue India who will get some publicity by being able to get Aishwarya Rai in their cover page. If you are a fan of Aishwarya Rai then this is something you must collect. The picture shots were done in London and Aishwarya Rai looks very beautiful in the cover page. You should know that Vogue India has already featured other Bollywood actresses like Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone etc.

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