Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bollywood Makes a Deal with British Film Industry

Bollywood has recently signed a deal with British Film Industry and under this deal, the Indian producers will need to pay less tax to work in UK, if they work jointly with British producers. UK film minister Barbara Follett sees it beneficial for both Bollywood as well as UK film industry in this period of global economic recession. Barbara Follett thinks that it would be helpful to be more resilient in this global economic crisis if the base of audience is wider. Bollywood director Vipul Shah, who has recently taken permission to shoot at Trafalgar Square in London for his new film London Dreams, was also present at the launch of the deal.

BBC reported:

Barbara Follett said the UK industry offered "an excellent product" and the deal would help "maintain excellence".

"The wider your base, in an economically difficult time, the more resilient you'll be," she added.

It will also help them to obtain funding from sources such as the National Lottery, Ms Follett said, and help to cut down on the bureaucracy involved in making films.

Civil servants from India and the UK have been working on the treaty for the past three years.

Bollywood director Vipul Shah, whose earlier movie “Singh is King” was a block buster hit around the world, also thinks that this deal will lead many Indian producers to step in the UK to make films for Indian markets. Shah made 2005 hit “Namastey London” in London and received huge appreciation for the movie. He thinks working with the local crews will be helpful for the Indian film makers. It is expected that about 10 Bollywood films will be made in UK in the next couple of years because of this deal.