Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Myra Karn will play the title role of No One Killed Jessica

Hindi movie goers are interested to know the name of the actress who will play the title role of No One Killed Jessica film. It is sure that neither Rani Mukherjee nor Vidya Balan will play the role of Jessica. The question rises to the mind of Indian movie fans is that who Jessica is.

Jessica is none other than Myra Karn. Who is Myra Karn? Not much information has been found about this Myra Karn.

Interested people are searching on net to get more information about this actress. Various news reports mentioned her model. However, information is not available online. Even, it is yet to know if No One Killed Jessica is going to be her debut film or she has already acted in some Hindi films.

Mumbai Mirror reported that, director, Rajkumar Gupta, has become successful to keep the identity of 'Jessica' secret. Gupta met Myra Karn at a coffee shop and finalized her for the film. He thought she had the looks and the character to play Jessica.

It is thought that both producer and director will not unveil the identity before the film release.

Produced by UTV Spotboy, No One Killed Jessica will be released on 7 January 2011.

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