Thursday, January 13, 2011

DreamWorks Animation’s new project The Monkeys of Bollywood

If you are a fan of animated film then you should heard the name of DreamWorks Animation. It has got huge success with a computer-animated film which was made based on China’s most iconic genre, the kung-fu epic.

Now, this studio is keen to get equal success with another foreign cultural project. They will make a Bollywood-style animated musical titled The Monkeys of Bollywood.

British-based Indian filmmaker, Gurinder Chadha, has joined her hand with Oscar winning composer A.R. Rahman for the project. It is heard that Gurinder Chadha and her husband will produce the DreamWorks project and A.R. Rahman will score music for the movie.

A.R. Rahman wrote on his Twitter account that he was excited about entering the world of DreamWorks Animation.

Stephen Schwartz, American musical theatre lyricist and composer, has also been included in this project.

The idea of this animated movie has taken from Indian epic, Ramayana. It tells the story of two monkeys who try to stop an ancient demon from conquering the world.

It is true that Bollywood is a big film industry which releases movies around the world. But the reality is that Indian people is that much fan of animated film. So, I am not optimistic about this new animated movie.

I hope that every parent will go to the cinema hall with their kids and watch animated film.

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