Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is it right to compare Abhay Deol with Johnny Depp?

Abhay Deol is not a famous actor in Bollywood. Even I can not think any of his movies which got box office hit. That does not mean that he is a good actor. I have to admit that Abhay Deol is a hard working and talented actor in Bollywood. If he continues his acting then one he will become a top actor. However, I have become surprised when I hear that he is called Johnny Depp of Bollywood.

Abhay Deol is the most sought after actor in Bollywood. The most important thing is that Abhay Deol has been invited by all most all film festivals world over. Not only that but also he met with some veteran directors and actors like Martin Scorcese, Robert de Nero, Jodie Foster, Matt Damon during his visit to the festivals. Is it enough to introduce him as Johnny Depp?

ADURS is a Telugu language movie. It is yet to release. Now, movie lovers are searching on net about the songs and video of this movie.

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