Saturday, February 21, 2009

Abhishek Bachchan: Bollywood Should not be called Bollywood

I feel that now that Abhishek Bachchan have enough time to think about everything except focusing on his acting. That is why, he recently said that Bollywood should not be called Bollywood. He does and like the time and the things that it should be called Indian film industry.

From Film Journal:

"We prefer 'the Indian film industry,'" he says gently. "We're the largest film industry in the world, we make the most amount of films in a year and sell the most amount of tickets, so I think we have our own identity. We have the utmost respect for Hollywood and the films made in the United States, but I think it wouldn't be fair to name the Indian film industry after Hollywood. Unfortunately, it's come to stick and it's in the dictionary and I don't think we'll get away from it."

I really cannot understand why he’s so concerned about the name because it is the name Bollywood that is associated with these actors. Abhishek Bachchan perhaps think that he’s a super hero but the reality is that is still in the shadow of his father and his wife.