Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Battle between multiplexes owners and filmmakers will kill Bollywood?

Battle between filmmakers and multiplex owners is common in Bollywood. No one knows where its end. However, their bitter relation has turned into a bad position. Both are scolding each other for their poor business. Two prominent Bollywood filmmakers Manmohan Shetty and Bobby Bedi said that multiplexes are killing Bollywood. These two filmmakers are angry for the high price tickets. They also said that these two factors could destroy the Hindi movie industry. Manmohan Shetty said that multiplex is the main culprit between them. If multiplexes are main culprit then I have to say that Manmohan Shetty is the main main villain who started this trend in Bollywood. However, filmmakers and multiplexes owners should seek any solution for this problem. If they do not then market of Hindi movie will be destroyed soon.

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