Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rani Mukherji about Her Dress up in Dil Bole Hadippa

Rani Mukherji is perhaps the most talented actress (in lead role) among the currently active Bollywood actresses. Unlike the glamour-based actresses, Rani has so far been successful on the basis of her acting talent and skill. However, reports out in the media suggest that the Bengali beauty will appear in short glamorous dress revealing her physique in her upcoming movie Dil Bole Hadippa which is set to hit the screen on 18 September. Even the musical promo of the movie gives evidence on this claim.

Well, Rani Mukherji does not think that her dress in the movie was ‘not descent’. Rather, she believes that she just dressed up in a ‘different way’ and there is nothing wrong with that.

PTI News reported:

"Bikini is a very strong word. I have just worn a bikini top with salwar. When you lose weight and tone your body, people are wanting to dress you up in a different way and there is no harm in trying that," Rani told PTI.

"In the film, I could not take liberties because the glam look would not go well with the character I play.

To be honest, Rani Mukherji’s dress up in the title song of the movie was not as revealing as Katrina Kaif or Kareena Kapoor. The problem is that Rani Mukherji has already set her standard so high that it seems odd whenever she tries to be a bit more glamorous in terms of dress; not in terms of acting.

I believe that Rani has done a number of bold characters in the past. For example, she is seen playing the roles of in the movies like Laaga Chunari Mein Daag and Saawariya. In both the movies, she successfully depicts the roles of prostitute through her acting, not wearing revealing dresses. It proves that Rani has the talent to experiment with characters and to do that, she does not need to wear short dress.

If you want to watch the musical promo of the movie, then visit this link.