Thursday, December 25, 2008

Salmaan Khan: The most attractive bachelor in Bollywood?

Salmaan Khan is now becoming 43 tomorrow. He is still going very well and he is still consider to be one of the top actors of Bollywood. He is going great in the box office but he is still considered to be a good actor. Salmaan Khan even at the age of 43 is not married. It is not that he doesn’t like girl. In fact, he is famous for his relationship with many girls in the past. These days, people think that Katrina Kaif is his girl friend and there is possibility that they will get married.

I am not so sure because is doing very well in Bollywood and the last thing she would want to do is to get married and lose her career. So, for the Salmaan Khan fans, most probably 2009 will be the same unhappy time for them. Many of the fans of Salmaan Khan want their hero to get married as soon as possible but it seems that Salmaan Khan is waiting for the right woman to meet. I am sure Katrina Kaif is not the right girl for him because Katrina Kaif does not care for having marriage, having children and having a relaxed married life. Katrina Kaif’s main attention now is to become top actress in Bollywood. In 2008 she had lot of success and she is hoping the 2009 will be the better year for her. So, it seems that Salmaan Khan is indeed the most attractive bachelor in Bollywood. He has everything. He is handsome and he is also very famous. He is also very rich.