Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mahesh Bhatt’s Awarapan to Introduce another Future Star of Bollywood

Mustafa Zahid now seems to be new star in Bollywood. This Pakistani rock singer has recently sung in the Mahesh Bhatt produced movie Awarapan. Emraan Hashmi will play in the protagonist role in the movie. 25 year old singer Mustafa Zahid has already become famous in Indian media after the release of the sound t racks of the movie. This is the debut movie for the Pakistani singer who was discovered by producer Mahesh Bhatt.

Indiafm reported:

With him (to the right) in the picture is his discovery, the 25-year old Pakistani rock sensation, Mustafa Zahid, who has sung the chartbusting To Phir Aao and Tera Mera Rishta tracks from Awarapan, releasing this week.
On the extreme left is Haider, the lead guitarist of the rock band, Roxen, of which Mustafa is the lead vocalist.
The picture was probably taken in Mumbai months back when the boys from Pakistan were down to Mumbai to record for Awarapan.
According to sources, Mustafa is flying to Mumbai from Lahore on Tuesday for a countrywide promotional tour of Awarapan.

Earlier Mahesh Bhatt introduced James, a popular Bangladeshi singer; through his movie Gangster and James became popular in Bollywood. Now, Mustafa Zahid is in the queue to rose to stardom through another Mahesh Bhatt movie Awarapan.