Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mahesh Bhatt’s Awarapan to be Released in Spain

The budget of the Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming movie Awarapan is 18 crores. Now, it seems that producer is planning very seriously to back his money as soon as possible. The recent new in the media is that the movie Awarapan will be released in Spain as well. Earlier, the movie was set to US, UK and UAE.

India Post reported:

In a recent development, Studio 18 has succeeded in clinching a deal to release Awarapan in Spain. "Given our focus to reach a wider slice of overseas viewers, this is a huge break-through for an atypical overseas film.
N on-traditional markets have begun contributing considerably to the overall revenue pie," says Gayathiri Batra, who manages Rest-of-The-World at Studio 18. Awarapan
will have a day-and-date release in Spain on June 29, along with other countries.

The movie includes some of the debut artists including Mustafa Zahid, a Pakistani rock singer, who sang some hit songs in the movie. Moreover, a popular Indian model Mrinalini Sharma has given her debut appearance in the movie. So, let’s see how people take the new comers though the Mahesh Bhatt’s film Awarapan.