Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yeh Hai Jalwa: Movie Review

Yeh Hai Jalwa is a movie of David Dhawan. It is nice comedy, family entertainment movie. David is a good director. He can make good comedy movie. His Yeh Hai Jalwa is a funny movie. The story is about a son who wants that his father accepts him as his legal child in society. However, the father does not want to accept him. Then he fights with this situation.

The hero of the movie is Salman Khan and heroine Amisha Patel. Other actors and actresses are: Kader Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Rati Agnihotri, and Rinki Khanna. Rishi Kapoor plays the character of a rich man, Rajesh Mittal and father of Raju, Salman plays Raju, Amisha plays his girl friend, Sonia and daughter of Robin, who is a friend of Rajesh. Rati is wife of Rajesh, Rinki plays daughter of Rajesh. Anupum plays the character Robin. Kader Khan plays the character, Purushottam Mittal, father of Rajseh.

Raju (Salman Khan) is a rich and happy person. He has his own business. His mother died when he was a child. His mother Megna told him that his father died. One morning, he saw his father’s picture on TV. His father, Rajesh Mittal got businessman of the year award. After all of this, he became really happy and went to London to meet with his father. He went to the award function ceremony. He thought that his father did not forget his mother. When he would say that he was his son, his father would become happy. Raju did not know that his father got married and had one son and one daughter. When his father, Rajesh Mittal, introduced his family to the honorable guests in the function, Raju was shocked. He became really upset that Rajesh, his father had not remembered his mother and him. Then he decided that he would go to meet with his father. He went and told him everything. First, his father admitted that he knew his mother and he also told Raju that they were good friends, but when Raju told him that he was his son born to Megna, Rajesh rejected it and said that he could be a fraud who wanted to get his wealth. It was not true because Raju was also a rich person. He had big business in India. Raju just wanted his father to accept him, which was totally impossible.

Actually, when Rajseh was in India he met Megna (Raju’s mother) and they become fell in love. When Raju was born Rajseh was not in India. He went to London. Rajesh wanted to say about Megna to his father, but he was afraid of his father. Rajesh did not say anything and married Smita, who was chosen by his father. He never returned to India and did not know anything about Raju, his son, and Megna. Raju was not their legal children. For this reason, if Rajseh accepted him and told his family and father, it would be bad for him. As a result, he did not say any thing to his family. Raju gives him seven days and says him that if he does not say anything to his family in seven days then he will come his home.

As movie based on a serious matter, but with comedy dialogue and several interesting scenes make this movie very interesting. Rajseh’s friend, Robin (Anupum Kher), is also his legal advisor. Raju loves his daughter Soniya. For this reason, Raju becomes problem for Rajseh and Robin. They want to send him to India. They try several times to send Raju back to India but failed. When Sonia marries with Raju, Robin accepts him as his son-in-law. Rajesh then becomes alone. He cannot do anything about this problem. In last stage, movie ends with a climax. Rajesh accepts Raju as his son and tells everything to his family and father, what happened. Everything is fine in the end of the movie.

I think that movie goers would never become bored with this movie. They can enjoy funny dialogues and scenes. Even the songs of the movie are also nice. Songs were shot in good places of foreign country. All these make this movie very good and enjoyable. Several times, the movie has been shown on TV and I watched it every time especially, for the songs. I think, fans of Salman Khan would also enjoy this movie.